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Variation around Armagnac 2000

Discovering a range of Armagnac from the same wine, the same destillation, and an ageing in the same cellar with a result various and subtil depending of reducing work. Carpe ...

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Distillation time : a magic world - 27 October

Discover our wines and armagnac and visit our cellars during distillation next 27th October from 10 to 5pm. Short time after the harvest of the grape Ugni Blanc, we destillate ...

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Harvest time

Starting from the Harvest 2018 last thursday 6 September with a sunshiny day. The SAUVIGNON grape is the most early our grapes in Vignobles Fontan. Grape renowned for his explosive ...

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By doing our best, we leave nothing but the best behind

We are the fourth generation to take care of our ancestors' land.
30 years ago, our parents, Aline et Jean-Claude Fontan, created a vineyard of 80 hectares on this land so full of promise, using typical grape varieties suited to its 'terroir'.

As wine makers, we grow the vines ourselves and distil our brandy, producing wines from Gascony and Armagnacs for our customers.
Our life revolves around the grapevine; season after season, we listen to it, observe it, protect it and harvest its fruit.

We understand that the land is not ungrateful, but quite simply just.
If we feed it well: not too much, not too little, it will return the fruits of our effort, enhanced by the passion and expertise of our team.

Nadège & Sylvain Fontan